The Beings of Weather are Aizea's answer to Praxis' need for a self-sustaining weather system. Her trinity of creatures covers weather systems from small rainshowers to massive hurricanes, and everything in between.

They are not responsible for hail, sandstorms, wildfires (although they can spawn them), atmospheric effects like sundogs or halos, duststorms (dustbowls), or any other kind of weather that does not involve water vapor. Snow could go either way: snowstorms and thundersnow could easily be caused by Aizea's creatures during winter or near the poles due to ambient temperature differences, but usually Aizea's creatures feed off thermal energy and temperature differentials.

Her creatures are naturally crystal clear and incorporeal, taking on color only when they've incorporated mist and cloud into their forms. They have been given an instinctive drive to stay as hidden as possible, both to protect them from possible Enemies and give the world a sense of wonder.

The Baleina Edit

The Baleina are whale-like creatures three times the size of blue whales but modeled after humpbacks, with long wing-like fins and a broad tail. The baleina's purpose is to consume water evaporation, generally from over seas and large lakes, and exhale it into clouds. They swim through their exhalations and shape and drag the clouds. They are charged with bringing their clouds to areas in need of rain and shade. When they draw near to the earth, their breath forms mist and fog.


The Olagarro Edit

The olagarro are massive octopoids, the spread of their mantle as large as a football stadium and their tentacles stretching twice that. Their eyes are the size of small suvs. They are responsible for thunderstorms. When their tentacles curl and writhe, they "squeeze" the rain from the clouds. When their limbs rasp against each other, they spark lightning. Their arms are tornados when they touch the ground, and waterspouts when they brush the ocean. The olagarro are far less empathic then their baleina cousins.


The Rauska Edit

The rauska are manta ray-like creatures the length of school buses. They live exclusively over the ocean, primarily over tropical waters. In small numbers they are harmless, floating gently over the waves. Over particularly warm waters, though, they will begin to flock. The more there are, the more they begin to spiral, until they have generated a tropical storm - typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones. Olagarro frequently shelter in the edges of the rauska's tempests.