There are two fundamental divine forces: the Principle and the Antithesis.

The Principle is a concept more than an entity, a force more than a person.  It is sentient, in a sense, but it doesn't really act or exert itself directly.  It is, well, a principle, the principle, in all senses of the word.  It is the foundation, but not the architect, or even the buildings (so to speak).  It is the source and definition of all that is principled in the cosmos of Pantheons.

While the Principle generally has a humane and principled mindset and goals, if often on a cosmically large and impersonal scale, the Antithesis has an alien and antithetical mindset and goals.

The Principle and the Antithesis are not capable of directly interacting, nor even drawing close to each other.  You could say they are repelled from and aligned with each other like opposing magnetic poles.  Both feel it is their fundamental right and obligation to have sole control over the mortal realm, Natura, that lies in the metaphysical space between the two forces.  Thus, both forces derive gods from themselves that are capable of interacting directly with Natura.

Neither the Principle nor the Antithesis are omniscient, nor remotely omnipotent.  They are, in a certain sense, perfect entities, as they are flawless within the terms of their own natures.  But their limitations and natures also make them inflexible and unchangeable.  They are more the fundamental pillars of reality then what we might think of as gods.

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