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Praxis is currently the only planet within Natura capable of sustaining life. It is a rocky orb with a molten center, approximately 1/4 the diameter of Earth. Gravity coeffecients have not been specified, nor atmospheric composition, but it is capable of sustaining life in its current state.


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Rivers & Lakes[]

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Climate is driven both by Bourden's Winds and Aizea's Beings of Weather. Praxis is under the affect of an Adversarial Greatwork, Winter, created by the goddess of ice and death, Nircine.



Tobock created the first kinds of life on Praxis: Plants. As of Chapter 2, Scene 1, there are four major varieties of plants; algae, grass, flowers and trees. Chapter 2, Scene 2, saw the addition of fruit-bearing varieties of trees and the new creation of fruit-bearing cacti and bushes.

Terrana created animals out of a substance she invented called flesh. They are primarily land-dwelling mammals with several forms of reproduction as of Chapter 2 Scene 2. In the current iteration of creation, all animals are primarily herbivorous, resorting to predation only in instances of extreme hunger. They eat infrequently, able to subsist on very small amounts of plant life.

Bourden created birds and flying animals, and Aizea contributed the blessing of (powered) flight to them. They come in a vast array of colors, sizes, and shapes - able to eat plants, fruit, seeds, and flesh.

Sentient Life[]

Aloysius has asked each of the Princes to bless a chunk of flesh with their special domains, with the intent of creating the first sentient life on Praxis. As of Chapter 2, Scene 2, it has yet to be shaped.

Lilitu has created the Balauri, great draconic beasts with scales of gemstone and flesh alloyed with metal to withstand the magma of their blood. They are her emissaries, made to teach the life on the Praxis prudence.